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200 billion euros. This is the colossal amount the French have saved since the pandemic began. Result: Your savings accumulate in low-income savings accounts, which means that they lose purchasing power every year. However, there are now simple and innovative solutions that can help you increase your savings!

This is precisely the mission of Mon Petit Placement, the fintech company in Lyon, which allows individuals to easily invest their savings while enjoying high-end and high-performance products normally reserved for wealthy clients such as Lazard, JP Morgan or Pictet!

And you no longer need € 100,000 to get the best investment: thanks to a range of four portfolios that adapt to your goals, you can invest your tailor-made savings from € 300.

These financial products, carefully selected by asset management experts, enable risk control with high returns at the same time. Your portfolios are classified from the least risky to the best performing (and therefore riskiest) portfolios and allow you to grow or diversify your savings in a personalized way.

FinTech also offers a thematic offer to invest according to your wishes: technology, health, climate, equality, employment and solidarity. Something for every taste!

High-end investment at your fingertips

The platform is fun and efficient: registration only takes a few minutes. No more paperwork, everything is done 100% online using a quick form that experts can use to identify your investor profile.

That little extra? You will receive a personalized video in which you will find the best strategy for your profile.

As soon as the investment has been made, you have access to an innovative interface to follow the development of your investment on a daily basis. Confidentiality is also of vital importance on this 100% secure platform where banking and personal data are well protected.

If you have any questions, the Mon Petit Placement teams respond very quickly in the dedicated chat or by phone. Freedom remains a priority, however, and with 90% of users following expert advice, Fintech offers its clients the freedom to manage their savings at their own discretion.

Thanks to Lemon Squeezer, your commissions have been reduced for life!

Note: The money placed will not be blocked as you will have the option to transfer or withdraw your savings if you wish. It is also possible at any time to divert all or part of your capital to other investments free of charge.

On the remuneration side, Fintech plays with transparency: € 0 entry or exit fees and performance-based remuneration: In practice, you will only be charged a commission if your investment shows a performance and only your performance. A real winning combination that everyone benefits from!

With the voucher code CITRON you can benefit from a very advantageous offer. That’s a lifetime discount of 30% on the performance commission that awaits you.

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