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Robotic vacuum cleaners have been part of everyday life for many French for a number of years. At the beginning of the year, the iRobot brand launches the Roomba i3 +, a new model that is both compact and “affordable” (€ 599 anyway) and practical. In fact, this “+” version of Roomba i3 is equipped with an automatic dirt disposal with a clean base, a suction base (in which a bag is placed), with the task of emptying (and charging) the little robot as soon as its task is completed .

The Roomba i3 + at the best price!

It’s not a tango, not a chacha …

Aesthetically, the Roomba i3 + leaves no doubt about its use. This is a very classic robotic vacuum cleaner with this now well-known circular shape, but which allows itself a small “fashionable” side with fabric on the top. All around the Roomba i3 + is equipped with small bumper guards, not to mention three buttons on the top that you will barely touch when using the dedicated mobile application.

The Roomba i3 + comes with a vacuum charging station

Because yes, when unpacking you will be asked to download the Roomba application to your smartphone. In this way, your new vacuum cleaner can be paired with your smartphone (and your Wi-Fi network) so that you have the option of starting a cleaning phase remotely or accessing various data. 2021, you can ask your vacuum cleaner to go into action by standing a few meters from it, or, on the contrary, several kilometers away. It is therefore useful to start a vacuum cycle before returning from work.

A compact and intelligent vacuum cleaner

The Roomba i3 + has a side size of just over 9 cm and can be squeezed almost anywhere. However, be careful with certain furniture that the vacuum cleaner can get stuck under if the room is also “just over 9 cm high” … No camera on the Roomba i3 +, but a number of sensors, which we will come back to later become. On the configuration page, in addition to pairing with the smartphone, the base station must also be connected to a socket.

If necessary, the Roomba i3 + automatically moves into its place to charge the battery and / or empty the bag. The whole thing takes up some space in the living room, but in the end the whole thing blends in quite well with the interior. It’s both design and modern, but (and that’s the main thing!) Is it really practical and efficient?

The Roomba i3 + blends in well with the decor

How it works ?

In terms of operation, the small Roomba i3 + is a model of simplicity after its (correct) configuration. In fact, you can trigger a clean by pressing any of the buttons above or from the application. No tedious adjustment, no additional handling, as the small vacuum cleaner explores your living room and is ready to swallow the slightest dust, hair and crumb.

Overall rather quietly, the Roomba i3 + moves proudly in the various rooms and gently bumps into walls and other obstacles. Don’t panic, the shock absorbers are very light and are absorbed by a very large front bumper. What to protect your walls, your doors … Phew!

The underside of the animal: terrain wheels, side brush and central rubber brushes

Of course, the Roomba i3 + remembers its surroundings as it drives by and will therefore drive conscientiously over the entire area … in contrast to you, who always forget to pass there in the small corner. Better still, the vacuum cleaner doesn’t hesitate to iron on the dirtiest spots and memorize them.

For example, the Roomba i3 + will know that unlike the main hallway, it is likely to pick up a lot of crumbs in the kitchen. At the end of its cleaning cycle, the Roomba i3 + automatically returns to its charging station and the user receives a map of his passage on his smartphone. Friendly.

Of course, it is advisable to create some space in the area to be vacuumed before starting a cleaning cycle. For example, you can put the chairs on the tables and remove anything that might get in the way. Of course, this is not absolutely necessary, as every obstacle is carefully avoided by the Roomba i3 + (or overlapped if it is a carpet). However, let’s assume that a minimum of preparation ahead of time makes the Roomba i3 + easier to pursue and overall efficiency.

In contrast to the robot vacuum cleaner itself, the vacuum cleaner makes an impressive noise … © iRobot

Note that this is not the case with the vacuum base if the Roomba i3 + is generally rather quiet. The latter causes quite an impressive commotion, certainly barely ten seconds, but it can wake the entire household as long as we started cleaning during the afternoon nap on Sunday afternoon and / or a little late at night (yes, it’s real experience) .

And is it effective?

When asked, “Will the Roomba i3 + definitely put an end to the chore of having a” real “vacuum cleaner at home?” The answer is no. If the practical side of a robotic vacuum cleaner like this Roomba i3 + is undisputed, it is obvious that the latter is not enough to 100% vacuum your interior, even if you choose to do a double pass over the application.

At the end of the cleaning, Roomba i3 + will send you a small report with a map of the places it has explored

On the one hand, despite our best efforts, the Roomba i3 + has a bit of a problem when it comes to removing dust or crumbs flush with a wall or in a corner. The same goes for carpets. To get a surgically clean result, you will have to use a good old classic vacuum cleaner over and over again, but a little less often.

However, once you get a taste of the “practical” side of a robotic vacuum cleaner, it is difficult (if not impossible) to turn around. Even if the result is not always perfect, he can do his job once or even twice a day without ever complaining. This is seldom the case. In this way, your interior remains (relatively) clean over the days, as most of the dust and other foreign bodies are sucked up by the small robot. It is not 100% effective then, but it is 200% practical. Indisputable.

Autonomy and maintenance

As for autonomy, no bad surprises as the Roomba i3 + can vacuum for just over an hour and a half on a single charge. Obviously, the latter won’t run out of battery in the middle of your living room. Once the power is low, the vacuum cleaner pauses cleaning to recharge before completing its mission.

During general maintenance, as with a conventional vacuum cleaner, it is important to ensure that the filters are cleaned about twice a month and replaced every two months. The small side brush under the vacuum cleaner, like the rubber brushes, should be cleaned once a month. iRobot also recommends cleaning the various sensors on the vacuum cleaner. The mobile application is also responsible for clearly indicating the various interviews to be conducted. A very good thing.

© iRobot

Our opinion on the Roomba i3 +

Overall, using a robotic vacuum cleaner like the Roomba i3 + on a daily basis is a real pleasure, because even if it isn’t flawlessly efficient, you can still “vacuum a little” every day with no effort. And it really is very remarkable day by day.

Of course, it is wise not to have an overly busy environment to allow for a minimum of the task. The vacuum base (although very noisy) and the fact that regular cleanings can be scheduled is always so pleasant. Starting a cleaning remotely from your smartphone is still convenient. We reiterate that this Roomba i3 + cannot guarantee a 100% flawless floor on its own, but you can already chew the job with no effort.

iRobot Roomba i3 +

€ 599

Design and finishes

8.5 / 10

Quality / price ratio

8.0 / 10

We love

Quality design Very (very) easy to use The loading / unloading base Autonomy No “not today” or “I’ll do it tomorrow”

We like less

The corners, the great forgotten ones in history Not very effective on carpets The sound of the base when emptying!

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