$ 50 million or trade secret disclosure

April 20th wasn’t just Apple’s first keynote date of the year. According to media company The Record, Cupertino also had to negotiate a computer breakdown at its Taiwanese supplier Quanta, which was discovered by a group of Russian hackers and resulted in a ransomware attack.

Apple is asked to pay $ 50 million or “trade secrets” release in relation to the MacBook and iMac assemblies by May 1st. As Le Monde points out, hackers have released several plausible insights into the official documents of the brand and its supplier. These would be accompanied by “extremely precise and detailed assembly displays,” the newspaper reported.

Quanta defends itself, the pirates change targets

After the disclosure of these facts, the Bloomberg agency confirmed that Quanta had indeed registered an infiltration of hackers through an exploited flaw. It was also stated that the organization behind the attack, active on the Darknet forums, would certainly have carried out “the largest attack ever carried out”.

In a blog post, those responsible for the ransomware stated that they had originally turned to Quanta to blackmail them. Without the supplier’s response, the organization would have made the decision to go up the chain to contact Apple directly.

“Quanta Computer’s information security team has worked with outside IT professionals to respond to cyber attacks against a small number of Quanta servers,” Quanta admitted in a statement.

On the flip side, the provider defended itself by stating that it “reported and maintained transparent communication with law enforcement and data protection authorities about recently observed abnormal activity”. There is no material impact on the economic functioning of the company. “”

To keep the pressure going, the authors of the cyberattack say they will have enough to create public diagrams related to the new iMac range that was unveiled at the keynote speech last Tuesday. Plans for future MacBooks would also be within reach, which Apple worked out last month. Through May 1st, hackers say they will continue to post new previews every day.

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