After Formula E, the FIA ​​is formalizing a new 100% electric GT category!

The Sacrosanct International Automobile Federation (FIA) has formalized the creation of an entirely new discipline in automobile sport. After Formula E a few years ago, the association decided to create a 100% electric bias for the GT3 category.

After Formula E is the electric GT 100!

The FIA ​​continues the electrification of motorsport with the creation of a brand new GT 100 electric class. A new championship in itself, obviously aimed at creating a full racing calendar, with competitions that will be held on permanent circuits (like Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Hockenheim) … and not specifically for the occasion.

According to the FIA: “These vehicles will operate in a performance window similar to that of the current generation of GT3 vehicles, but will surpass their counterparts for internal combustion engines in terms of criteria such as acceleration and qualification speed.”

On the technical side, manufacturers can develop racing cars with a weight between 1490 and 1530 kg, whose engine (100% electric!) Can have a maximum output of 430 kW. The cars can be equipped with either two or four-wheel drive, but also with a dynamic control system to increase maneuverability.

The FIA ​​apparently states that manufacturers already enrolled in the GT3 category can make perfect use of the architecture and certain design elements of their existing cars to convert them into electricity and take part in this new championship.

The establishment of this new championship is in line with the FIA’s long-term vision to implement sustainable energy sources in its portfolio of motorsport disciplines. The aim is to give an example of the approach to reducing CO₂ emissions while at the same time reflecting the latest trends in the automotive industry and responding to the demands of the market.

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