Google Meet is full of new features

A year ago, Google made its Meet video conferencing app free and available to everyone so that employees around the world can collaborate remotely. In addition, the company has added other new features to improve the convenience of users of this service.

This week, Google announced a new wave of new features for Meet to make the video conferencing service even easier to use. In the next month, the company will offer a new video ad that will give users more space to view content, but also a pinning feature. Essentially, during a call, you have the option to pin a stream or two so that you can choose which participants to focus on.

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Google also gives you a feature that allows you to move or hide your own video feed. The company’s statements state, “People have told us that if they can’t see each other while they are talking, they concentrate better and often feel less tired. At the same time, space is freed up on the screen.

Data saver and AI settings

Google will also offer a data saver this April. This feature limits the use of mobile data, which saves the user money. Mountain View explains that this feature is very important in countries like India or Brazil, where data can be expensive compared to purchasing power.

And of course, Google will also be adding new AI-enhanced features to enhance the experience of its competitor Zoom. “Last year we introduced the low-light mode for Meet on Mobile. Artificial intelligence allows you to automatically adjust your video so that you are more visible in a dark environment. Having too much light behind you – like a window on a sunny day – can also be a challenge for many cameras. Now, on the web, Google Meet will automatically detect when a user appears to be underexposed and improve the brightness to improve visibility. The light adjustment will be introduced in the coming weeks to meet users everywhere, ”says Google. The company will also offer an automatic cropping feature called Autozoom.

You will soon be able to use video backgrounds during your video conference calls. Initially, there are three video backgrounds available.

One of Zoom’s main competitors

Google Meet continues to improve while we’re still unsure if we can get back to normal life. In addition, taking into account the development of the health situation in the world, Google has already extended the duration of its free Meet offer.

This free 24/7 video conferencing offer should end on March 31st. The company has extended the offer until June. When this offer ends, free Google Meet meetings will need to last no longer than 60 minutes.

In the meantime, Google has already integrated its video conferencing solution with Gmail for better visibility and better competition with Zoom. The latter saw very strong growth in 2020.

As we explained in a previous article, Zoom saw a 326% increase in sales last year. Currently, the company is already thinking of the post-COVID era by developing an API that application developers (like games or e-commerce apps) can use to integrate their video calling technology.

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