Google mocks “Super League” in an advertising tweet

Obviously, if you’re a soccer fan you’ve heard of the Super League. For others, it’s a project that was originally run by Real Madrid and was quickly supported by 11 major European clubs. This project aims to host a new competition to compete with UEFA and its legendary Champions League. The Super League was first mentioned in 1998, but it took 23 years before Florentino Pérez, President of Real Madrid, really made the decision to formalize this somewhat crazy project.

Google Meet is full of new features

However, Mr Pérez seems to have forgotten an important detail: football is a hugely popular sport and it is difficult to put aside the opinion of the fans. The reactions on Twitter were not long in coming, and the lack of French and German clubs and this idea of ​​an ultra-closed competition are factors that seem to have particularly annoyed the football planet. Once the Super League members were released, UEFA wasted no time announcing that sanctions would be imposed on players entering the competition.

Even Google laughs at the Super League

You will understand that the Super League will certainly never see the light of day when you know that most of the clubs behind this project have just pulled out under pressure from fans. That night, Florentino Pérez himself announced that the project had been suspended without giving up completely. As is so often the case, the English fans are most demonstrative when it comes to football, and many demonstrations have taken place in London, Manchester or even Liverpool against the Super League.

In England, the contradictions surrounding the Super League were taken very seriously, so this matter now extends beyond the sporting area. Google UK’s official Twitter account has decided to take sides in its own way.

For six soccer teams in particular, you can use Gmail to check email after you send it. 👍🏻

– Google UK (@GoogleUK) April 21, 2021

In this tweet, without directly quoting the 6 English clubs that were part of the project, Google UK explains how to enable the option that allows you to set a deadline to cancel sending an email to Gmail. A daring attack on society as the situation seems sensitive across the channel.

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