How can you view your photos in 4K (without compression) on Twitter?

Twitter is suggesting stop compressing images in its news feed. After the Android and iOS users worked on cropping them without cropping, they can now upload their photos up to 4KB.

In recent years, the improvement in the quality of our smartphone cameras has meant that social networks are quickly falling behind when it comes to image compression. Who hasn’t regretted the fact that a published photo drastically loses quality?

Twitter photos in 4K, the quick tutorial

Twitter has therefore decided to give its users the opportunity to keep the original picture quality of their pictures. The photos are not resized, up to 4 KB. However, due to the consumption of cellular data, Twitter does not activate this function by default.

To view your photos in 4K on Twitter, do the following. First, go to “Settings and Privacy” of the application. In this menu, a section deals with the use of your data. When you click on it you will see the following fields:

Here are the two fields that need to be configured to increase the quality of viewing and downloading images on Twitter up to 4KB. © press citron

You will see two fields corresponding to your own images as well as those posted to your newsfeed by other accounts. Either way, you can choose to turn off high quality images, download them only when connected to a Wi-Fi network, or enable high quality images on both Wi-Fi and a cellular connection .

Twitter had already offered this feature to some of its beta testers. Now it can be seen that the novelty is available to everyone, whether you are on Android or iOS.

In terms of compression, Instagram is expected at the turn, while it is still necessary to resize the stories and photos published in the exact format if we do not want our images uploaded to the social network to lose quality.

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