The lawsuit between Apple and Spotify begins on the hats of the wheels

Spotify has been accusing Apple of abusing a dominant position for a number of years, particularly in the App Store and the commissions that have been placed on developers. In March 2019, Spotify decided to file a complaint with the European Commission against Apple accusing Cupertino of engaging in anti-competitive practices by collecting commissions on all revenue generated by mobile application publishers on the App Store.

Two years after this complaint, relations between the two companies deteriorated. In the meantime, many events such as the Epic Games-Apple affair or the presentation of Apple One have only reinforced Spotify’s position against this GAFA. While the long-awaited test between Epic Games and Apple begins on May 3rd, Cupertino is finding Spotify this week as part of an equally important test.

Spotify starts at the heart of the matter

Determined not to be impressed by Apple, Spotify launches this straightforward study by reiterating its position on the fact that GAFA is engaging in an anti-competitive abuse of power through the App Store. A position largely supported by Match Group (the company behind Tinder) and many other companies. Horacio Gutierrez, Legal Director of Spotify, says: “Apple is abusing its dominant position as the App Store’s custodian to differentiate itself from the competition and disadvantage competing services like Spotify.” The latter does not hesitate to add that the App Store commissions “do nothing other than an improper takeover and confiscation of the value created by others “.

What Spotify and other companies are mainly criticizing Apple is forbidding the use of a third-party payment system. Apple requires the use of its payment system, which requires developers to pay 15% or 30% commissions on transactions. Spotify just needs to redirect its users to its website you would tell me, but Apple has blocked this solution. A Match Group representative announced that an Apple executive told him he was glad the App Store isn’t taking all transactions, adding, “You owe us every penny you make.” The process is ongoing.

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