This is how Apple’s AirTag interacts with Android smartphones

After Apple made fans wait a few months, Apple finally presented its AirTag at the Spring Loaded event this week. As predicted by several sources, the product is presented as a small pebble that the user can attach to their objects such as keys, bags, etc. to be able to easily locate these objects in case of loss.

Operation is similar to Samsung SmartTag and Tile products. An iPhone or iPad is of course required to use this new Apple product.

Apple’s object finder is finally here

To promote this product, Apple highlights the Find My network, which is used by more than a billion iPhones worldwide. If the AirTag beacon is within range of the user’s iPhone Bluetooth, the user can call the beacon and get information to find his object. However, if the beacon is out of range, the Apple product network intervenes with Find My.

If an AirTag has been declared lost by its owner, the Bluetooth signal from that beacon can be seen by other people’s Apple devices and the location is safely relayed to the owner.

A useful feature in countries where iOS does not have a very large market share

Today we also learn that Apple has planned the following scenario: When an object equipped with an AirTag tag is found by an Android smartphone user. This is documented on a help page of the Cupertino company:

“When you find an AirTag or a lost item with an AirTag attached

Press and hold the top of your NFC-enabled iPhone or smartphone on the white side of the AirTag.

Tap the notification that appears. This will open a website that contains information about the AirTag, including its serial number.

If the owner has marked it as lost, they may see a message on how to contact them.

* You can contact the owner to let them know you’ve found their AirTag. “”

If the operation of the product is mainly based on the network of Apple products that, thanks to the Bluetooth signal of the AirTags, can relay the position of a lost object, this very limited compatibility with Android smartphones (equipped with an NFC module) is useful . in countries where the iPhone has a low market share (which reduces the likelihood of locating via the Find My network).

It is also reminded that the AirTags are compatible with the ultra-broadband chip of the iPhone. If this component is present on the owner’s smartphone and the beacon is nearby, they can use this technology to get more accurate readings to help them find their object.

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