This is how Samsung gives your old smartphone a second life

Today, new technology players are increasingly aware of their impact on the planet. And last year, the announcements from these companies followed one another. For example, earlier this year Samsung announced a new program to limit the amount of electronic waste generated by its products.

At a time when smartphones are changed every two to three years, the Korean giant wants its Galaxy devices to last longer so that these devices are no longer thrown away or put in drawers.

This program, presented by the manufacturer in January, is called Galaxy Upcycling at Home and enables Samsung users to transform their old devices into connected objects for the home. If these devices are out of date for use as smartphones, they are still suitable for other purposes.

A first beta in three countries

And after the announcement in January, Samsung is finally releasing the beta of this new program. At the same time, the manufacturer gives us further information on the functions offered. Thanks to the built-in microphone and a little artificial intelligence, older Samsung smartphones can be converted into sound detectors and trigger actions when certain noises are detected. “For example, if the device detects noises like a baby crying, dog barking, cat meowing or hitting, it sends an alert directly to the user’s smartphone and the user can listen to the recorded sound,” says Samsung.

Otherwise, these devices can also use the light sensor to measure the light level in the room. “Users can easily configure the device so that the light or the television is switched on automatically via SmartThings if the room becomes darker than the preset lighting standard,” says the manufacturer.

And since a constant switch-on state is required for sound or light detection, Samsung has also developed software that minimizes power consumption, according to its own information.

Using a smartphone as a baby monitor or as a light sensor was of course already possible through third-party applications. However, we can hope that thanks to this solution proposed by Samsung and integrated into the IoT SmartThings ecosystem, the experience will be better.

Unfortunately, this is currently only a beta, offered by Samsung in only three countries: the US, UK, and South Korea. Either way, it will be a way for Samsung to make its devices even more attractive (as they can be used longer) while strengthening the IoT platform and demonstrating its commitment to the planet.

“Smart home devices are a rapidly growing trend for consumer electronics and we believe that currently unused Galaxy devices can play an important role in transforming any home into a smart home,” said Jaeyeon Jung, vice president and team leader SmartThings, Mobile Communications Company at Samsung Electronics. โ€œThe program transforms Galaxy devices into SmartThings devices and demonstrates the power of our Smart IoT platform to expand the possibilities that users have with their legacy phones. With Galaxy Upcycling at Home, users have access to the entire SmartThings ecosystem so they can explore updates and richer features without having to buy a new device. “”

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