A new video-on-demand service from Sony!

For a few months now, Microsoft has been optimizing its Xbox Game Pass offering, forcing the PlayStation department to respond as well as anywhere else. While some are soon dreaming of a Sony-style Xbox Game Pass, the Japanese giant has just formalized a new PlayStation service that is not about video games, but about cinema.

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Sony returns to VOD on PlayStation

Rumor has it that Sony has formalized the launch of a new platform called PlayStation Plus Video Pass. This is a new service that is therefore linked to PlayStation Plus and allows subscribers to enjoy an unlimited selection of feature films. An application that is available on the brand new PS5, but also on the PS4.

PS Plus subscribers can of course start twenty films (Venom, Bloodshot, etc.) and other content from Sony Pictures at no additional cost. The catalog is updated every three months. However, don’t expect to find this application on your Sony console today. The PlayStation Plus Video Pass is currently in the testing phase and is only available in one country: Poland.

Nick Maguire: “We know very well that we have a large number of players in Poland who stand out for their commitment and their activities on the network and on social media. They also like to use VOD platforms. For us, this is the perfect combination, the perfect market, to introduce a trial service as part of the PS Plus program. “

With this new PlayStation Plus Video Pass offer, Sony could therefore expand its PS Plus offer, which is now a bit stingy in the face of a more than impressive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It remains to be seen whether PS4 and PS5 owners are sensitive to this new offering, as many of them are primarily buying a video game console … to play. Keep in mind that Sony already had a movie and series rental for PlayStation that closed a few months ago.

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