An Oppo tag leaked on the web following the presentation of AirTags

This week, Apple finally lifted the veil on AirTags at its Spring Loaded event. This product has been eagerly awaited as it has been a few months since rumors about it started spreading on the internet.

But as soon as the AirTag is revealed, one of its future competitors appears here. In fact, the XDA site recently relayed images from the digital chat station that would show the future object location tag of the Chinese brand Oppo.

According to this leak, Oppo’s product will be pretty similar to Apple’s in that it would be circular in shape. While the AirTag uses batteries, Oppo would have opted for a USB-C port for the battery. This is a more convenient option for the user and could be more environmentally friendly.

Oppo is working on Apple AirTag, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag rival – BGR India

– Wrighter (@Wrighter) April 23, 2021

In addition, the images transmitted by XDA suggest that this future competitor of the AirTag should also have ultra wide band technology. Thanks to this technology, Oppo’s future product should provide more accurate location than beacons that only use Bluetooth.

A new trend?

But at the moment this is of course unofficial information and therefore caution is always advised. In any case, it wouldn’t be surprising that most of the big players in the smartphone market offer their own property tracking beacons.

As a reminder, Samsung already offers this type of product alongside Apple. The day known as Smart Tag was introduced in January on the sidelines of the presentation of the Galaxy S21. At the beginning of April, the manufacturer also introduced the Smart Tag +, which incorporates Ultra Wide Band technology for greater precision (while the Smart Tag is satisfied with Bluetooth).

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