here is “22 against the earth”

At the end of last year, Disney + hosted the feature film Soul, the latest from the Pixar studios. Launched in France a little over a year ago, Disney + continues to garner millions of subscribers who are drawn to not only company-specific content (and the good old Disney classics in particular), but Star Wars and Marvel content as well mention the latest star section.

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A surprising short film about Disney +

The Disney + platform is also the (more or less) ideal haven for the American group to better manage the many closed cinemas around the world. So it is after Mulan Soul, the last Pixar signed film proposed in Direct to Disney +. Fans of the feature film and Pixar will be delighted to know that Disney has a little something extra for them this April.

Ever wonder what 22 was doing before Joe arrived? 22 contre la Terre, a Disney + original short film (obviously with the voice of Camille Cottin 😍), available from April 30th in streaming on #DisneyPlus. 🌎

– Disney + FR (@DisneyPlusFR) April 22, 2021

Indeed, from April 30th, it will be possible to watch a new short film in the Pixar section. A short film called “22 Against Earth” where you can discover what little soul 22 was doing before Joe’s arrival. This is excellent news for anyone who loves soul, but also for anyone who has a thing for Pixar short films, which are often very successful.

Director Kevin Nolting explains: β€œWhen we were preparing soul, we discussed why a new soul would not want to live on earth. It didn’t make it to the soul, but “22 Against Earth” provides an opportunity to answer some questions, including why 22 is so cynical. “The date is set for April 30th next year.

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