How Google Maps helps you recycle your waste

Google Maps not only allows us to get directions, but also contains a lot of practical information. During this pandemic, Google also made major adjustments to its navigation app, for example to help people avoid overcrowded means of transport or to get a picture of the health situation in a country. While Google Maps continues to be an essential tool for getting around during the pandemic, the company is also releasing an update to its app that will allow us to live a greener lifestyle.

Everyone now knows that recycling is one of the ways we can lessen the damage we are doing to the planet. But sometimes people don’t know where to put their recyclable waste to make sure it is recycled and not sent to landfill.

And this is where Google Maps comes in. Indeed, Mountain View company has a new feature that will allow us to find the places where we can dump this waste.

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Simple information that can make all the difference?

“You can now find out where certain items can be properly recycled or disposed of by looking at business profiles on Google Maps and doing a search. Starting today, merchants who have checked company profiles on Google can easily add information about the items they recycle with Google My Business. You can see the places where materials such as clothing, electronics, batteries, hazardous household waste, lightbulbs and glass bottles are picked up. So you know you are keeping these items out of the landfill. In a very short time, people who visit certain places will be asked to answer questions in Maps after their visit, in order to let others know what types of materials can be recycled, ”said a contribution from Mountain View.

In addition, Google Maps encourages users to support environmentally friendly companies with photos, reviews and suggestions.

Note that among the new technology players, Google can boast of being one of the good students. Indeed, it can boast a neutral carbon footprint (by offsetting its emissions) and currently the company is aiming to be zero by 2030. Additionally, Google regularly emphasizes the use of recycled materials during its product launches.

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