Season 2 of the Netflix series is revealed with a trailer

In March 2019 we discovered the surprising series Love, Death & Robots on Netflix. An anthology with a very specific tone that tastes like “sweets”, to use the expression that appeared on social networks at the time.

The program offered 18 episodes with a length of 5 to 18 minutes. Still, the program had paid off for a surprising controversy. In fact, Netflix had decided to offer an episode broadcast order based on the alleged sexual orientation of its subscribers.

More than two years later, the animated series will return to the streaming platform, as the trailer published online promises.

Love, Death & Robots is already planning the third season

The second season of the series created by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and co-produced by David Fincher is therefore planned for May 14 on the streaming platform. Jennifer Yuh Nelson, co-director of Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3, is overseeing this new season in particular. Given the images available in the trailer, like we did in season one, we’ll have a mix of cartoon images and other more realistic ones.

Narrative side, we can expect a mix of SF, love, horror, comedy … A great Gloubiboulga that was skillfully measured in the first season. As a reminder, each episode was entrusted to a different animation studio, which explains the sometimes radically contrasting styles. Surprise, surprise, we thought we saw a digital reproduction of Michael B. Jordan apparently dedicated to the game of motion detection.

Good news for the fans, season 3 has already been announced. We probably won’t have to wait two years this time as the sequel is announced next year. In the meantime, see you on May 14th to discover these new episodes of Love, Death & Robot on Netflix.

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