Seven years later, the incredible split is confirmed

It’s a project that has long been claimed by fans. For a very long time. In 2014, the series How I met your mother ended after nine seasons. A show that has shaped the minds of an entire generation, often compared to friends. Yes, but let’s go. The series failed on the home stretch (nothing to do with Game of Thrones). As with many other programs, it failed to reach the end that everyone hoped for. Result? A big disappointment and, above all, the fans’ desire to know more. Get to know the other side of the story. And maybe they’ll soon have what they asked for since the spin-off titled “How I Met Your Father” was confirmed.

How did I meet your father … without Cristin Milioti?

As the seasons went on, Ted, the character of Josh Radnor, told his children how he met their mother. This was finally revealed shortly before the end of the series under the guise of Cristin Milioti, whom we recently (re) discovered in Made for Love. However, the series was primarily an opportunity to tell love stories, but also to present a group of friends who were worthy of friends inspiration.

A spin-off has been under discussion for several years and has now been confirmed. The Hulu streaming platform has ordered this new series. However, the main actress will not be Cristin Milioti, but Hilary Duff, who tells her son how she met his father. The story should be a bit more modern as it will take place in 2021 and will give high priority to dating apps. Which might make us regret McLaren’s, the emblematic bar on the How I Met Your Mother series.

Ten episodes of the series How I met your father have already been ordered by Hulu. We don’t yet know how closely the two series will be linked and if we can expect a few cameos …

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