Soon a new Battlefield Mobile for iOS and Android!

Since it’s not just Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, and soon Apex Legends Mobile in the nomad gamer’s life, Electronic Arts today announces that it will launch a new Battlefield Mobile in 2022, as many platforms as possible, and iOS – and Android players will soon be able to take part in the adventure.

Battlefield is also entitled to its mobile version

Indeed, Electronic Arts is preparing with its partners DICE and Industrial Toys for Battlefield’s entry into the mobile games market. A game that, according to EA, has benefited from “several years of prototyping” and will be a stand-alone game for the mobile phone. By doing this, understand that it will be a separate episode, both unique and challenging.

Make no mistake: this is a game in itself. This episode was specially developed for the mobile platform and is different from the episode we are preparing on consoles and PCs. This unique and sophisticated Battlefield experience has been developed entirely by iToys and allows you to use the license at any time. This mobile game is in a test phase before it goes live next year, ”explains Oskar Gabrielson, Managing Director at DICE.

For those impatient to see a new edition of the Battlefield saga on their console and PC, don’t panic, a new work is in preparation and will be available “later in 2021”. Electronic Arts states that it is currently in the daily testing phase to optimize, level and give birth to “the best battlefield there is”.

Don’t expect to play this new Battlefield Mobile in the coming months, however, as giant Electronic Arts has already confirmed that it won’t be available until the beginning of 2022.

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