Spider-Man will join Disney + after signing a deal with Sony

The Marvel Cinematic Universe catalog will now be complete on Disney +. The Spider-Man films will thus be included in the catalog of the streaming service after signing a broadcasting contract with Sony, who holds the superhero’s license. In detail, Disney will be able to broadcast all of the Japanese company’s productions that will hit theaters between 2022 and 2026.

This partnership has a catch, however. The films will be shown first in theaters and then on DVD before landing on Netflix, which recently signed a deal with Sony. After a certain period of time, these productions will then belong to Disney +.

Tough competition between Netflix and Disney +

In any case, that’s still good news for subscribers to the streaming service. As our colleagues at Cnet reminded us, the deal will unlock numerous US films, including the Jumanji and Hotel Transylvania franchises. As of now, the two companies have not disclosed a financial position and uncertainty remains as to whether the next Spider-Man No Way Home will air on Disney +.

Earlier this month, Netflix also signed an important partnership with Sony Pictures. The platform will be the exclusive distributor of the Japanese studio’s films. This allows the service to add the studio’s feature films to its catalog after the cinema and DVD are released. If the streaming giant doesn’t want to broadcast a movie, it could be broadcast on another platform.

From 2022 onwards, Netflix will be the first American streaming home for Sony Pictures films after the cinema releases. Get ready for UNCHARTED, MORBIUS, BULLET TRAIN & WHERE THE CRAWDADS as well as future sequels of VENOM, JUMANJI, BAD BOYS & SPIDER-MAN: IN THE SPIDER-VERSE

– NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) April 8, 2021

Reed Hastings is also delighted with this agreement, stating: “Sony Pictures is an excellent partner and we are delighted to extend our relationship with this avant-garde agreement. This way, not only can we add the impressive list of the most popular movie franchises to our offering in the US, but we can also create a new source of first-time movies for Netflix moviegoers around the world. “”

Either way, French Netflix and Disney + subscribers will have to be patient and wait 36 ​​months for the SVOD broadcast of a feature film to be released in theaters.

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