The CNIL approves the TousAntiCovid “sanitary passport”

Earlier this week the government introduced a new feature for TousAntiCovid. With the designation “Carnet” it is now possible to prove the positive or negative result of a screening test for Covid-19 in the case of a control. On April 29th, this tool also enables the authentication of vaccination certificates. This device is primarily intended for people planning to travel within the European Union or overseas territories and to Corsica this summer.

The National Commission on Informatics and Freedoms (CNIL) has just decided on this file. According to the BFM, she believes this new option will remain acceptable for a health passport. Specifically, the Independent Managing Authority first determines that the French may or may not continue to use TousAntiCovid and that there is an option to print a paper version of the certificate. It is also noted that the main purpose of the device is to simplify the procedures for travelers.

No use of the health pass in restaurants and bars

However, the Committee wishes to be very attentive to these acts. Quoted by our colleagues, it states:

The CNIL remains particularly vigilant with regard to the possible development of such a system in view of the risks it could pose to the rights and freedoms of individuals.

If the government decided to use this feature in the context of everyday life, it would have to give its opinion as well. Earlier this week, the State Secretary for Digital Change, Cédric O, seemed to rule out this idea: “The government is not checking a health passport for shops.” The idea of ​​using it for places of concentration of people such as concerts, fairs or even festivals is still under scrutiny by the executive branch.

The government intends to make TousAntiCovid-Carnet a model in the fight against fraud. Every passed PCR and antigen test is now certified. The health organizations send the results back to the SI-DEP system managed by the health insurance company, which then forwards them to the patient in the form of a datamatrikum, a two-dimensional, high-density stick cable that resembles QR codes.

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