The US Congress calls for stricter regulation of the Tesla autopilot

Last Saturday, a terrible accident aboard a Tesla claimed the lives of two men. Local newspapers immediately overwhelmed the autopilot by calling this Tesla an autonomous vehicle. It’s important to remember that Tesla doesn’t sell an autonomous vehicle. Contrary to its name, autopilot is nothing more than a technology that can provide driver assistance functions.

Elon Musk will eventually speak on Twitter and explain that he has consulted the “data logs” of the vehicle in question and confirms that the autopilot was absolutely not activated during the accident. This case remains fascinating, however, as neither man on board was behind the wheel during the disaster. One was in the passenger seat, the other in the back seat.

Your research as a private person is better than that of professionals @WSJ!

Data logs restored so far show that autopilot was not activated and this car did not purchase an FSD.

In addition, a standard autopilot would require switching on lane lines that this road did not have.

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 19, 2021

Congress is interested in this accident

Today that accident is taking on new proportions as two American senators want to open a more detailed investigation to understand whether or not the autopilot is involved. Ed Markey, Senator from Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal, Senator from Connecticut, have urged federal regulators to take action to prevent further autopilot abuse in the future.

Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal sent a letter to Steven Cliff, acting administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which read, “We urge you to conduct a full investigation into the fatal Tesla vehicle accident. We look forward to working with you and the NTSB to implement policy changes that will prevent these preventable deaths from occurring and save lives. “Case to follow.

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