This iMessage rumor could annoy Mark Zuckerberg

Relations between Facebook and Apple have never been so friendly. While Cupertino makes most of its revenue from the iPhone, a premium product, Facebook is a major player in online advertising, offering free services that are monetized through user data.

Additionally, those relationships became even more strained in 2020 after Apple announced a feature in iOS that will drastically reduce the ability of apps to generate ad revenue by tracking users. Also note that Facebook and Google are already competitors in the messaging space (iMessage vs. WhatsApp). When Apple launches its first AR / VR headsets, these products will be direct competitors to those of Oculus.

And soon Apple and Facebook could also be competitors in … social networks. In any case, this is suggested in a recent article published by Bloomberg, which cites sources familiar with the matter.

This article by Mark Gurman (a source who is generally very knowledgeable) describes the new features Apple might bring with version 15 of iOS. And among those new features, there would be a new version of the iMessage app that includes features that are comparable to those on social networks.

Unfortunately, the post doesn’t contain a lot of details. However, this suggests that Apple would like its messaging service to be closer to social networks.

In any case, Apple could be scrutinized even more closely by regulators if iMessage becomes a social network. Cupertino is currently being accused of using the rules of the App Store to discriminate against the services of third-party developers for its own benefit.

A presentation in June?

As explained in a previous article, Apple also wants to offer a new feature on iOS 15 that allows you to better manage notifications. In essence, it would be possible to have multiple modes preset for driving, work, night, etc. and apply different filters to notifications depending on the mode.

On the other hand, Apple would also offer new privacy features to let the user know which apps are using personal data. This novelty would thus be added to the Tracking Transparency App, an anti-tracking feature that Apple should make available very soon.

On the iPad side, a redesign of the home screen would be planned so that the user can better personalize it via widgets.

Of course, all this information should be viewed with caution for now, as it has not yet been confirmed by Apple. However, Apple fans shouldn’t wait long to see all of the new features in iOS 15.

In fact, Cupertino has already announced the dates of its WWDC conference in June. The new version of the operating system will be presented during this event. The WWDC should be followed by the beta launch of iOS 15, which will allow Apple to use feedback from testers to fix bugs. After the presentation of the new iPhones, the stable version of iOS 15 will finally be released to the general public.

Note that Google is already previewing Android 12 testing. And in May this year, the company will also host an I / O event to showcase all of its software innovations.

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