To change the news feed, Facebook will consult you

Are we moving towards a revision of the Facebook news feed? The platform has definitely announced the launch of a consultation with its users in the coming months to collect their comments.

Internet users are first asked to what extent they were inspired by the content offered in their news feed. The idea is to get this type of message to the top of the news feed.

Facebook also intends to rate interest in specific topics. Mark Zuckerberg’s company specifies as follows:

Even if your newsfeed has posts from friends, groups, and pages you want to follow, sometimes we know that even your closest friends and family members share posts on topics that aren’t really of interest to you. Or for you do not want to see

Political content in the viewfinder

You will therefore be asked whether you would prefer cooking or sports posts. The platform also promises that “according to the comments we are aiming to show people more content on the topics that interest them”.

Facebook believes that these consultations should also provide a better understanding of the information that people are less likely to want to see. The social network directly targets political publications that “affect your newsfeed experience”.

Knowing that this is an eggshell matter, the company states, ‚ÄúThis is a sensitive area. Over the next few months we will work to better understand the types of content associated with these negative experiences. For example, we will look at posts that have a lot of angry reactions and ask people which ones they want to see less of. “”

Finally, the web giant is announcing the start of a test to make the option to hide a certain type of publication more visible. It is therefore possible to click the “X” in the upper right corner of the message to hide it and avoid this topic in the future.

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