What new features does iOS 15 offer?

After the successful launch of the iPhone 12 in 2020, Apple is now preparing its next smartphones. Before the veil on the iPhone 13 and its variants is lifted, the company will first present its new software site at the WWDC conference, which is to take place in June.

Usually Apple will showcase iOS 15 and its new features at this event. Rumors are already circulating about new features that could land on this new version of iOS.

What will the news be?

According to an article published by Bloomberg, among these new features there would be a new mechanism to manage notifications, a new design for the iPad home screen, a new lock screen, and new privacy protection features. With regard to notifications, Apple would have developed a filter mechanism that saves different settings. This mechanism would make it possible, for example, to determine which notifications should sound while driving, at work or while sleeping.

Apple plans to update the lock screen as well as the control center and incorporate new controls that will allow you to quickly switch from one mode to another. Depending on these statuses (driving, working, etc.), various quick responses can also be configured to respond quickly to messages.

As for the iPad, Apple is reportedly planning a major update to the iPadOS home screen. This should be closer to the iOS home screen when it comes to managing app shortcuts and widgets.

Every year Apple introduces new features to protect user privacy. And with iOS 15, the company wants to offer a new menu that will allow users to identify apps that are collecting data about them.

Of course, for now, this information should still be treated with caution as it comes from an unofficial source. Also keep in mind that Apple will only showcase iOS 15 at its WWDC conference in June. After this presentation, the new version of the operating system will initially be offered in beta so that the errors can be corrected. And the stable version won’t be released until later this year after the new iPhones are presented.

In the meantime, Apple will provide its anti-tracker feature

While Apple is waiting for the official release of iOS 15, Apple will continue to offer updates for iOS 14. In addition, the company is preparing to deliver an important update, iOS 14.5, that includes a privacy protection feature: the Tracking Transparency app.

Originally planned for 2020, this feature will require app developers to request user consent through a dialog box before they can use an identifier called IDFA, which is useful for ad tracking in iOS apps. Celebrated by defenders of the right to privacy online, this novelty is rocking the online advertising world as it can lead to lost revenue. This new feature of iOS is also a source of conflict between Apple and Facebook.

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