How does Epic Games manage to offer one free game per week?

Since its launch in late 2018, the Epic Games Store has grown anything but negligible. Granted, Fortnite’s publisher isn’t ready to catch up with its rival Steam, but it’s very well installed in the video game landscape now. This success is mainly due to a strong marketing argument. Since its inception, the platform has actually offered one free game a week and even one a day for the holiday season.

The cost of this strategy may seem astronomical at first glance. According to The Verge, more than 749 million digital copies have been on sale since that operation began, and so, referring to prices, the theoretical cost would be $ 17.5 billion!

Fortnite’s success allows investors to invest in the Epic Games Store

That’s true! And it has proven to be a fantastic achievement reaching players with great games and a fantastic investment in growing the business!

– Tim Sweeney (@TimSweeneyEpic) April 10, 2021

However, Epic has never spent such an amount. As part of the lawsuit between him and Apple, the company had to provide certain information. It appears that the company only spent $ 330 million on these operations in 2020. This difference was explained by the head of Epic Games in a thread posted on Twitter April 10th: “Our gifts are negotiated with developers and we pay them an agreed amount”. It is clear that the amount spent does not depend on the number of downloads at all.

Anyway, the allocated amounts remain substantial, but the manager has no regrets about his choice. He explains, “The Epic Games Store has proven to be a fantastic success. We’ve reached players with great games and it’s a successful investment to grow the business. “

Specifically, the company is growing rapidly and has more than 700 million sales in its business. As our colleagues point out, Epic can afford not to miss out on costs thanks to the success of its Fortnite game, which has generated more than $ 700 million in sales in the App Store alone in two years.

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