If they were countries, GAFAMs would be some of the richest in the world

What would the place of GAFAM be if they were countries? This is the question that MacKeeper analysts have asked. To answer that, they decided to compare the GDP of the countries of the world with the market capitalization of these companies. On the contrary, if the health crisis hit many sectors hard, this period has proven to be very profitable for the tech giants.

For Apple, the result is most noticeable, as its stock market valuation exceeds the wealth of nations like Italy, Brazil or even Russia. With $ 2,200 billion, the Cupertino company would be the eighth richest country in the world, say the authors. It would only take a small effort to overtake France and its EUR 2,700 billion GDP.

Colossal income and difficult to pin down at times

The situation is similar with Microsoft, whose assets would exceed those of Canada at 1,827 billion US dollars. At 1668 billion, Amazon is certainly doing a little worse, but it would overtake South Korea. Google and its $ 1,411 billion valuation would outperform nations like Australia and Spain. After all, with a capitalization of $ 763 billion, Facebook would outperform Turkey and Switzerland.

This study can be criticized for being based on the stock market valuation of these companies, which does not always reflect economic reality. However, this variable was preferred to that of income.

Other indicators make it possible to measure the wealth of these tech giants. Based on GAFAM’s revenue for the third quarter of 2020, we’ve calculated how much these companies earn per second. So Amazon pocketed $ 12,000. Apple collects 8,140, ​​while Google does a little worse at $ 5,809. For its part, Facebook brings the bottom line at $ 2,701 per second.

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