Stop Paying Too Much, Here’s An Offer For € 4.99 (Orange or SFR)

There are times when changing cellular plans can be very interesting. There is a huge nugget to grab at the end of April: we have to turn to Prixtel, an MVNO that uses the Orange and SFR networks and shows a very compelling advertisement. Compare with your current offer, you will be surprised!

See the Prixtel offer

Prixtel meets all the criteria with its mobile tariff, and all the more so when it is offered for sale. It has no long-term commitment, gives you access to the best network in France and its price cannot be beat. If you are planning to readjust your mobile budget, this weekend is the perfect opportunity. The best thing is that this operator is the only carbon neutral operator.

Three mobile plans for each profile

Prixtel is an operator that has seen very strong growth in recent years. Today it is one of the main players in the segment with a very differentiated range. In this case, it positions itself as a “committed but non-binding” operator: it rejects oversized packages and (really) wants to help its customers to pay less.

To simplify the offer, all calls, SMS and MMS are offered unlimited, regardless of which mobile tariff you take at home. The difference between the three formulas – Le petit, Le grand and Le Géant – then lies in the assigned monthly data volume. Each of these packages contains three data levels, which are themselves assigned to three prices. Depending on how you use it, you will therefore pay more or less.

To better understand this mobile plan, an example is more effective. Below you will find the 3 levels of the “Le petit” formula. The price changes month after month according to your actual usage. It’s kind of a 3-in-1 package that allows you to pay as close as possible to your actual consumption. Leave the package too big (or too small), you have complete transparency.

This mobile tariff “Le petit” is a specific case. If you use 10GB of data in a given month, the bill is $ 4.99. If you use 15 GB in the following month, the bill increases to 7.99 euros. Obviously in the following month the price may fall. It’s a perfect compromise that allows you to pay as close to your usage as possible.

Prixtel does it really well because it is extremely competitive on each of the three levels of its cellular plan. This also applies to the other two formulas – The Big and The Giant – which are also advertised. It is reminded that the operator’s subscriptions are always non-binding. You can therefore cancel at any time without providing proof.

To see the “Le petit” mobile tariff, click here:

See the Prixtel offer

XXL versions of the Prixtel range

Do you like the concept, but the data seems a little tight? Prixtel also has the solution. The MVNO highlights two other cellular plans that fully meet the expectations of a public with a higher data requirement. The “The Big” and “The Giant” versions are perfect for anyone who uses their mobile Internet connection very regularly (games, films, sharing connections).

Regardless of whether it is the “Le Grand” or “Le Géant” mobile tariff, they follow the same principle as the formula shown above: calls / SMS / MMS are unlimited, non-binding, climate neutral and their price is defined by that Data volume. Note that “The Giant” has a little something special: You also get access to the 5G networks from Orange or SFR.

Again, it’s the data tiers that differentiate the two mobile plans. The “Le Grand” package is delivered in steps of 40, 60 and 80 GB at € 9.99, € 12.99 and € 14.99 per month. The “The Giant” package includes 100, 150 and 200 GB for € 12.99, € 17.99 and € 22.99 per month. Below is the summary of these levels:

Levels of the “Le Grand” (4G) mobile plan:

Level No. 1: up to 40 GB for € 9.99 Level No. 2: up to 60 GB for € 12.99 Level No. 3: up to 80 GB for € 14.99

Levels of the mobile tariff “The Giant” (4G and 5G):

Level No. 1: up to 100 GB for € 12.99 Level No. 2: up to 150 GB for € 17.99 Level No. 3: up to 200 GB for € 22.99

Depending on your profile and requirements, you will therefore have to choose between one of these three mobile tariffs. As you can see, some tiers are cheaper with one or the other subscription. It is therefore necessary to calculate which formula to choose to get the best start and optimize your budget. For example, the “Le petit” package is most interesting if you almost always use less than 5 GB per month. Otherwise, it is better to use the formula “The Great” directly.

Prixtel, an aspiring operator

Prixtel is now an important operator of the cellular network. It is an operator that relies on the best networks in France: Orange and SFR. This means that at the time of registration, you have a choice between the two. This is a great way to get the best network around you. You can switch from one to the other at any time from your customer area.

It should also be noted that the promotion valid this weekend is limited in time. You have until April 27th (Tuesday) to take advantage of the benefits – after that, it will be too late. This special offer gives you the right to a discount for the first year (5 euros per month and per level). The classic tariffs are then applied again. In any case, Prixtel wants to be very transparent, you have nothing to fear.

To discover the offers, you can find here:

See the Prixtel offer

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