This detail confirms that the shoot was completely insane

In 2013 a crazy movie was released in theaters. The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo Di Caprio in the lead role. The star plays Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker whose fortune, pace of life and embezzlement are increasing. As the film progresses, we become more and more immersed in some great nonsense. The feature film, directed by Martin Scorcese, is proving to be an incredibly critical but also financial success with almost $ 400 million at the box office. But 8 years later, he obviously hasn’t revealed all of his secrets.

The wolf of Wall Street, a little too realistic?

We already knew that the film had a lot of swear words uttered by Leonardo Di Caprio or Jonah Hill, his partner on screen. However, some sequences during the filming are simply hallucinating. It’s actress Aya Cash who only provided a few pretty crisp details. The one who now plays Stormfront in The Boys for Amazon was the assistant to Jordan Belfort, the character who played Leonardo Di Caprio in the film. However, when questioned by Collider, she returned to the orgy scene. Obviously, if the sequence was to be assumed to be a great production, it was not for all.

The craziest story I’ve heard – and I’m not going to say who the actor is – but there’s a certain scene where they’re in an orgy and got actors and non-actors engaged because they wanted each other people feel comfortable with their bodies because there is a lot of nudity and there was some confusion about what was real and what was not. And this actor must have said to his stage partner: “Please stop licking my asses. It’s a fake. ‘

We let you discover his entire interview by clicking this link. And for the nostalgic, the trailer for this landmark film is below.

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