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As an exception and exclusively for Presse-Citron readers, Emma is offering a discount of € 974 on her new generation mattress. In order to offer an increasingly efficient product, the brand relies on user feedback to improve and optimize motion technology. An opportunity for early adopters to take their nights to the next level.

“We’re revolutionizing the way we sleep. Manuel Mueller, co-founder of The Sleep Company, makes no secret of the ambitions of his startup. With its high quality and innovative products, it has now developed into one of the online mattress sales in Europe.

Far from stopping there, the bedding company has just unveiled its first connected mattress model called Emma Motion. As a result of two years of development, a number of groundbreaking technologies have been embedded. Taken together, these innovations enable users to benefit from maximum convenience. Ordering from Emma also guarantees commercial advantages that are by no means negligible. Today Emma, ​​in cooperation with Presse-Citron, is offering an exclusive 25% discount (up to -974 €) for early adopters who are then asked to give their opinion on this unique product. To benefit from this, simply enter the promo code CITRONMOTION in the shopping cart:

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Artificial intelligence in the service of sleep quality

This is one of the fundamental innovations of Emma Motion: A mat under the mattress detects changes in position during the night and reacts to them automatically. To accomplish this feat, this system uses nearly 360 motion sensors that sense the slightest pressure. The AI ​​is essential here and enables the translation of the data to transcribe the different sleeping positions.

Then it is time to switch on the “Silent Move IQ” to adjust automatically and quietly. It guarantees an optimal alignment of the spine during the night. Far from being anecdotal, it is precisely in this factor that the quality of this rest period plays a role. The device allows the foam present under the threshold to be compressed or decompressed, thus ensuring complete relaxation of the joints.

Manuel Mueller is also full of praise for this connected mattress, which is the result of long-term work for the teams at The Sleep Company:

When we started Emma, ​​we wanted to improve consumer lives by changing the way they sleep. (…) The Emma Motion mattress ensures optimal alignment of the spine during the night, which is one of the main factors for the quality of sleep. Emma Motion also features our proven Diamond Degree technology which allows temperature control with millions of graphite particles in the top layer. Coupled with Emma Motion’s fully integrated design, this is the world’s most advanced smart mattress and nothing but a revolution in sleep.

An application to configure your mattress

The Diamond Degree foam mentioned here by the market leader enables your body to have an ideal temperature and thus to enter deep sleep more quickly. The promise, therefore, is to sleep longer and have a more comfortable awakening.

© Emma

It should also be noted that the Smart Object can be personalized using the Emma application. This makes it possible, for example, to adjust the “fields of motion” parameters in order to obtain a good level of support or pressure relief. The mattress will remember your preferences and use them all night. The data is also transferred to your smartphone so that you can better assess the quality of your sleep.

Emma’s business benefits

It has absolutely nothing to do with Emma’s success as a serious and very reliable brand in a highly competitive market. The startup actually allows its customers to test their mattresses for 100 days to form an opinion. If disappointed, no problems, a full refund will be issued with no proof of satisfaction or refund.

The same commercial warranties are offered with the Emma Motion. You also benefit from free delivery and returns. The mattress is also guaranteed for ten years.

Note that first-time buyers of this related property will also be offered a € 400 discount. The only requirement to benefit from this is reuse after a few weeks at Emma. The startup will contact its customers to collect their opinions and feedback on the product.

Emma: three-digit growth

With 1.5 million mattresses sold in 2020 and 405 million mattresses sold, Emma is not experiencing the crisis. On the contrary, the startup founded in 2013 has a growth rate of 170% compared to the previous year. Dennis Schmoltzi, its co-founder and CEO, was very confident about the future of his company and said, “I am excited, grateful and proud that we are moving at the speed of light to make Emma the world’s leading sleep brand. A turnover of 405 million euros in 2020 shows that our three levers for global expansion are well chosen: growth in new markets, increasing market share in existing markets and developing our multi-channel strategy. “.

Logically, this strategy has attracted investors such as the family holding company Franz Haniel & Cie. The company has since welcomed its decision to bet on a startup that has a real vision: to wake people to the full potential of sleep.

After France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Emma will offer its new connected mattress in Switzerland, the USA and the UK. So many new markets to grow and pursue a company’s ambition turned resolutely to innovation.

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