Be careful these 8 Android apps empty bank accounts

The trend can be seen in American banking applications, but now French Android users are concerned: bank account hacks. A McAfee IT security team just announced that 8 apps on the Play Store are doing the job of a powerful piece of malware (called “Joker”) that is horrific for your bank account by charging you money without your being able to easily see it.

These applications, which have been downloaded more than 700,000 times worldwide, can be a problem for many people, although they are general in nature, e.g. B. Photo applications, keyboard background images or filters. One tip: uninstall them immediately. The Google App Store no longer offers them, but you may already have them on your Android smartphone.

Check your account history on Android

A second reflex to adopt is to review your banking history. The method used by the malware is quite simple to understand, but extremely effective: As the Journal du Geek explains to us, β€œThe malware is pushed into applications that appear completely normal and operate in the background to reveal valuable information about you and your device steal ”.

In this way, you can subscribe to billed services via your SMS and act as an intermediary even when you have time to receive confirmation messages. As a result, it is not possible to receive a subscription notification and you will be regularly charged with small amounts for payments that you never requested.

The list of 8 dangerous apps on Android is as follows:

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More and more applications

This type of business is becoming less and less common and app stores are removing a huge amount of malicious apps. Unfortunately for publishers, this means that users are less and less confident about downloading apps that are less popular than those that top the list of search results.

As of March, a report from Check Point identified nine other dangerous uses for your bank account. They had once again escaped Google’s protection services. Fortunately, they are now banned from Android users.

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