Elon Musk announces that the journey to Mars will cost many people their lives

After Elon Musk appeared wearing a Latino gangster headscarf as a mask during his speech on the Alpha Mission under the direction of Thomas Pesquet, he continues his sensation with a surprising new statement. It’s no secret that Elon Musk, through his company SpaceX, plans to step on Mars one day. Last December, the billionaire announced that humans would go to Mars by 2026.

However, according to his last testimony, this excursion won’t be easy. If for many, joining Mars is just a simple solution to leaving Earth and its problems, in reality they are just fantasies. Elon Musk wants to turn everyone back into reality by stating that a Martian excursion is not accessible to everyone. In an interview with Peter Diamandis, founder and chairman of the XPrize Foundation, Musk explains that Mars is not an “escape hatch for the rich”.

Deaths to Science

SpaceX’s CEO explains the risks of this no-filter mission. “To be honest, a lot of people will probably die first,” he announced with a disturbing smile, adding that it will still be “a wonderful adventure and an incredible experience.”

As a reminder, in a 2017 article, Elon Musk explains his ambitions to make humanity a multi-planetary species, with concrete plans to transport up to 1 million people to the red planet. Musk in particular relies on Starship, a giant rocket developed by his company SpaceX to accomplish this goal. Starship, which is currently one of SpaceX’s priorities, which is why a lot of testing has been done in the past few months. And while many of them fell in smoke, Musk and his teams seem particularly pleased with the turn these attempts are taking.

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