Is the Marvel series finale really up to par?

Warning, the following article contains spoilers for the final episode of the Falcon and Winter Soldier series that air on Disney +. Instead, if you’re not up to date, we invite you to watch our presentation of the first episode of the series. This article constitutes a review and reflects the author’s opinion, which therefore does not necessarily match yours. Don’t hesitate to react in the comments.

Here we are. Six episodes later, the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier announced their verdict. We now know who the new Captain America is. Without too many surprises, it is Sam Wilson (played by Anthony Mackie) who, with the blessing of his friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), will succeed the legendary superhero. Without superpowers or superpowers, but by combining Falcon’s mobility and training, he must theoretically embody the legacy of the MCU’s legendary superhero of the first ten years (with Iron-Man).

Are we really convinced? No. Is this episode overpriced? Clear from our point of view. While the series opened very interesting tracks on racial issues, but also on the subject of grief, the episode ultimately offers nothing really satisfying. It feels like the studios are trying to tick off all the lists to get it over with quickly, a feeling that was already there in Episode 5. A lot is skipped over but nothing really happens in the 52 minutes of this episode 6.

Falke and the winter soldier talk rather than act

If one scene has to sum up this episode, it is of course Sam Wilson’s (endless) speech. The new Captain America teaches world leaders a “lesson” in a speech filled with good feelings. The fight scene, which is still longer than 20 minutes, is a bit disappointing in the end, although arguably the best part of the episode. In the meantime, Bucky Barnes, who offers himself a small confession, seems to be cured of all his problems almost automatically.

We know that Disney and Marvel had problems from a production engineering point of view because of the Covid-19. But it’s hard to believe that this really justifies that this series ultimately attaches so little importance to the XXL cameo featured in episode 5 or Isaiah Bradley, which undoubtedly deserves more screen time. The last sequence in the museum, too simple, does not pay homage to the complexity of its history. Certain scenes (again that failed speech) are absolutely unnecessary and most of all reflect the poverty of dialogue. Despite a half-hearted attempt at the end of the episode, this series also confirms that Marvel still doesn’t know what to do with Sharon Carter. It remains to be seen whether his status as a power broker who has broken into American intelligence can change the situation. Karli Morgenthau’s death is so ridiculous that we will avoid talking about it.

Is there a second season for Falcon and the Winter Soldier on the program? As with the other Marvel series on Disney +, the situation seems pretty uncertain for now. And if you want to find the full Marvel series program, click this link for details of what is planned on Disney +.

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