Macs and iPads will not be merged

Macs and iPads have more and more in common within the Apple ecosystem. A few days ago, the Cupertino company broke a new frontier by introducing iPad professionals that use the same M1 processor as the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini that were unveiled last quarter of 2020.

It would also be logical to believe that Apple could merge these two product categories in the long term. However, this was strongly denied by company officials during an interview with UK media The Independent (forwarded by our colleagues at 9to5Mac).

In this interview, Greg Joswiak, Senior Vice President Marketing, explains that contrary to what some people think, Macs and iPads are not competing and the company has no plans to merge the two product categories. “We take great pride in the fact that we are working really, really hard to make the best products in their respective categories,” he said.

Thanks to the M1 chip, which gives the new iPad Pro exceptional performance, Apple can definitely present these models as competitors to Chromebooks and Windows PCs. Compared to the 2020 models, the increases in performance are significant.

“The 8-core CPU integrates the fastest processor cores in the world for a chip with low power consumption and delivers up to 50% faster performance than the A12Z Bionic chip. The 8-core GPU goes one step further and delivers up to 40% faster graphics performance. The combination of CPU and graphics performance of the iPad Pro strengthens its position as the fastest device in its class, ”said Apple in a press release in which the new iPad Pro was presented.

At this time, Apple is not interested in touchscreens for Macs.

In 2020, the MacO update included a new interface reminiscent of iPadOS. This indicated that with this update, Apple was preparing its operating system for the introduction of models with touchscreens. But this was also denied by Apple.

During an interview, an official admitted that certain elements of this new user interface were inspired by iOS and iPadOS. However, these changes were intended to improve ergonomics, but not to switch to computers with touchscreens.

The demand for computers and tablets is increasing

In any case, Apple is unveiling its new iPad Pro (as well as a new iMac) at a time when the demand for tablets and computers is increasing due to the massive use of teleworking and remote education.

According to IDC data, global computer shipments rose 13.1% in 2020 compared to 2019. The last time such a surge was observed was in 2010.

For tablets, shipments rose 13.6% in 2020. “The global tablet market had an exceptional fourth quarter (4th quarter 20) with year-over-year growth of 19.5% and total shipments of 52.2 million units, according to preliminary data from International Data Corporation (IDC). Worldwide quarterly personal computing device tracker. Affected by the pandemic, the tablet market has reached a level of shipments that has not been reached since the fourth quarter of 2017 with 49.9 million, “said an IDC report.

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