The streaming war extends beyond US borders

In 2021, most of the most popular streaming platforms will come from the United States. As has been the case for years in traditional cinema, the US largely dominates the SVOD market via Netflix, Disney + and even Amazon Prime Video. In contrast to the Seventh Art, where the American strategy is simply to adapt productions made in the USA to different markets around the world, the streaming sector seems to be heading in a completely different direction.

With the aim of getting more and more new subscribers, platforms like Netflix have been trying for several years to get as close as possible to their potential new users by abandoning the basic strategy. In fact, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and many others are no longer satisfied with labeling or dubbing American productions. These companies invest huge sums in local productions.

Local productions as a solution

In this way, the platforms manage to attract even more subscribers by offering content produced in the country concerned with the official language and the corresponding cultural codes. We are no longer in the era of Americanization through Disney cartoons. So far, for example, Netflix recently allocated a budget of $ 500 million to original productions in South Korea. In France, hits like Lupine, Marseille and, more recently, Caïd show how much users value local productions. Not to mention the many successful series that saw the light of day in Spain, such as La Casa de Papel and Elite.

The Wall Street Journal states that “the surge in overseas production is triggering a historic boom in new films and television series in many different languages, including Hindi, French, Portuguese, German and Polish.” In other words, this new strategy, led by these streaming platforms, will allow the revitalization of a film industry that is sometimes losing momentum in certain countries, and most importantly, allows it to continue to employ thousands of people during this time of health crisis.

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