The United States and Japan are joining forces to counter China

5G is still at the beginning of its deployment phase, but that doesn’t stop the major world powers from considering the next step. The US and Japan just reached an agreement to invest $ 4.5 billion in developing the 6G wireless network.

In detail, Uncle Sam will provide 2.5 billion for this initiative, while its partner will provide the remaining 2 billion. According to the Japanese media, Nikkei, the plan will therefore make it possible to invest in “research, development, testing and provision of secure networks and advanced information technologies”. “”

The two partners want to give each other every chance to compete with China, which is already in full swing on this issue. Xi Jinping recently passed a new five-year plan by the Chinese parliament that set very ambitious targets for 6G.

Europe is also working on 6G

The Japanese, who had fallen a little behind 5G, are therefore determined this time to push this technology forward. The aim is therefore to increase the proportion of patents registered by the archipelago to 10%. To this end, the government says the development of global standards will be crucial and cooperation with the United States could therefore bear fruit.

On the American side, 6G is also a key issue. Some national companies like Apple are already leaders in this area. We already talked about the apple brand strategy last February. She recruits profiles from industry experts and joined the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) at the end of the year. In cooperation with other American companies such as Google, HP and Cisco, topics such as production, standards and preparation for the future introduction of 6G are being worked on.

Finally, it should be noted that Europe is not left out and is counting on the Nokia-led Hexa-x research project in collaboration with French players such as Orange and Atos. The idea is to “analyze the practical cases and unique 6G scenarios, the development of basic 6G technologies and the definition of a new architecture for an intelligent matrix that integrates the essential technological 6G activators”.

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