The Walking Dead, filming is about to begin

In the end ! This is probably the first word that came to mind for many fans of The Walking Dead saga over the weekend. If the AMC series (The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond and Fear of the Walking Dead) continues to live its lives (more or less), many wait with undisguised impatience for the return of Rick Grimes, the character they are play Andrew Lincoln. However, filming should start soon …

The Walking Dead at the time of the feature film

As a reminder, at the end of season nine, Rick Grimes will be pronounced dead. All of his companions believe that he is dead. However, viewers know that the situation is different. The former sheriff, who had become the leader of the group of survivors, was taken aboard a helicopter by Anne. He joined the Civic Republic Military (CRM), a dangerous and powerful organization, if we rely on what the comics could teach us, but also on the latest series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

But we haven’t known since November 2018. Despite the hopes of the fans, the actor did not allow himself a cameo in the episodes. The goal is to bring him back through a trilogy of films, but to the big screen. However, the project seemed to be moving very slowly so far. According to information from Andrew Lincoln, however, filming will begin in the spring. When asked by SFX Magazine, the actor confided that this is now imminent, even if health restrictions are still a drag.

We are very excited to go into production as soon as we have the opportunity. It could be in the spring.

In the interview he also emphasizes that the first film has to be really successful for the trilogy to become a reality. This would explain the very long delay in particular.

We also know that the AMC channel has already ordered spin-offs from Daryl Dixon and one more from Carol Peltier. An anthology on Tales of The Walking Dead is also on the program.

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