This app provides a trust factor for digital services

Until a few years ago, the issue of protecting personal data was a matter for insiders and activists. Since then, many scandals have broken the news and the general public has become aware of this fundamental problem. Some tech giants like Apple are trying to meet these expectations. In fact, Tim Cook recently estimated that confidentiality was one of “the main challenges of the century”.

The Apple brand went from action to word with the introduction of privacy labels on the App Store late last year. Specifically, visitors can see exactly what an application collects on them before installation. Cupertino also publishes an anti-tracking tool. As soon as an app collects their personal data and passes it on to third parties, users are notified and have the option to prevent this.

Goal: Analysis 2000 digital

In France, too, some are mobilizing, and this is the case with Little Syster, an application available in private beta. The aim is to give digital services from A to E a data protection rating. As Le Figaro noted, the tool enables the analysis of 55 different criteria, all of which are divided into four subject areas.

This is the case with the way the company informs the consumer and whether or not they seek their consent. The latter must be made sufficiently clear about trackers and cookies. An assessment is also made of how the company collects this data. This must be in accordance with what is promised to the user.

Finally, the security of the information collected and the “data exchange policy with partners” are also checked. Ultimately, the service intends to record 2,000 companies, an important task since, according to our colleagues, only about fifty companies were analyzed in early March.

In an effort to highlight best practices, the app also reaches the top 10 most virtuous developers. The Framasoft association, which is part of a free software approach, is putting many services in a good place, as is Signal Messaging, which got a lot of buzz earlier in the year.

If this approach interests you and you want to take part in this private beta, nothing could be simpler. Simply register at the following address.

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