You can’t use AirTag to spy on your spouse

After leaving fans waiting for a few months, Apple finally lifted the AirTag veil a few days ago during the Spring Loaded event. As the rumors said, the AirTag works just like Tile’s company labels.

If the AirTag (which you have attached to an object) is within range of your smartphone’s bluetooth, you can use this signal to find the beacon. However, if the beacon is not within range of your iPhone’s Bluetooth, you can use Apple’s Find My network to find the location of the AirTag (rather than a GPS).

But Apple is clear: AirTag was designed to track lost items, not to geotag people. And to make sure you don’t hijack this product to spy on your spouse, Apple has something planned.

In its press release, Cupertino says: “AirTag includes features that proactively prevent unwanted tracking. This is an industry first. The Bluetooth credentials transmitted by the AirTag are exchanged regularly to prevent unwanted location tracking. IOS devices can also detect an AirTag that is not with its owner and, after a certain period of time, inform you that an unknown AirTag is with you on your travels. “”

And if you don’t have an iPhone, you still know an AirTag is following you as if the product has been away from its owner for a while, the product will play a tone to grab your attention. Also note that if you find an item with an AirTag attached and you don’t have an iPhone, you can still contact the owner through the NFC module of an Android smartphone.

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