After all, Donald Trump doesn’t regret his Twitter ban at all

It has been almost four months since Donald Trump was banned from most major platforms after he forcibly entered the United States Congress on Jan. 6. The former president has therefore lost his privileged forum Twitter, in which he has established himself for years as a kind of troublemaker of the network.

The Republican doesn’t seem to regret his forced departure, however. When asked about Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News during his visit, he said he had found a way of communicating much more elegant than Twitter. However, the process in question is not very new as it is press releases:

I am in the spotlight every time we make these publications. When I publish a statement, you’ll find it everywhere. It’s better than Twitter, and most importantly, it’s much more elegant. Plus, this platform has gotten boring. Many people leave because they are bored.

Donald Trump confirms his desire to start his social network

According to the billionaire, he is fully responsible for the success of the social network and its decline: “When I got on Twitter years ago, this concept seemed to fail. And then it got exciting, and let’s face it, a lot of it was that success. And now, yeah, it’s boring, it’s not really interesting anymore. “”

During that interview, Donald Trump also confirmed his intention to start his own social network without giving a start date. He wants to build on an existing platform and not create it from scratch:

We are looking at different files. (…) You have to be strong. They cannot be dominated by Amazon and Google, as well as people who can delete them right away.

These statements relate to the case of Parler, which was quickly taken offline following decisions by Google, Apple and Amazon.

We will no longer know about this project, which raises many questions. On the form, you can ask yourself if it is approaching already existing services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or even Twitch. Other aspects should also be considered, starting with the funding and moderation of such a network.

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