Apple is investing $ 430 billion in the US over five years

Apple just unveiled a massive $ 430 billion investment plan in the US over five years. For comparison and to better understand the extent of this obligation, it should be noted that the recovery plan adopted by the French government after the health crisis is 100 billion euros.

In detail, Apple says it is committed to innovation in key areas. Tim Cook explains: “We are creating jobs in cutting-edge areas – from 5G to silicon to artificial intelligence – by investing in the next generation of new innovative companies and by moving in a greener way and fairer future in all of our work . “”

Means to ensure CO2 neutrality

However, if it’s difficult to name all of the projects since there are so many, we can keep some of them, like building a new campus and engineering center in North Carolina for a billion dollars, with the key to at least 3,000 new jobs being mechanical Learning, artificial intelligence and software development.

Within five years, the apple brand hopes to create 20,000 additional jobs nationwide, particularly in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington, and Iowa.

However, Apple is not forgetting its commitments to the environment, and specifically to be carbon neutral by 2030. To that end, the company will continue to invest in renewable energy or even a storage initiative. Cupertino has also issued $ 4.7 billion in green bonds, which is enough to fund certain solar and wind projects.

The tech giant doesn’t hesitate to communicate regularly about its contribution to the economy and American society. It did so last January when three educational projects with an envelope of $ 100 million were announced. These programs are specifically aimed at the African American community and have a very clear objective: tackling barriers to access to education, entrepreneurship and new technology professions.

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