BlaBlaCar launches BlaBlaCar Daily, an application so close to Uber

BlaBlacar didn’t wait more than a week to get to work. The latest fundraising of 97 million euros has already realized its investment plan: the French nugget is setting its carpooling goals from next September and for this reason names its BlaBlaLines application, which is dedicated to daily carpooling on the way to work, in BlaBlaCar Daily around.

300,000 trips in September

While BlaBlaCar Daily is waiting for an international dimension of the multimodal application BlaBlaCar, it will be possible to highlight the possibilities of car pooling, which are also shown in Google Maps in the route search results. In the past, BlaBlaLines was primarily used for business travel, but BlaBlaCar Daily aims to enable much more “everyday” short haul travel.

“As the health context clears up in the coming months, all the lights are green to make carpooling a daily reflex for millions of French people,” said Adrien Tahon, managing director of BlaBlaCar Daily, in a press release. Your new goal for next September is to reach 300,000 monthly trips. For this, some new functions have been added to the application, which correspond to the functionality of Uber …

BlaBlaCar Daily, so close to Uber

It’s not a question of switching to VTC, but BlaBlaCar and its new daily driving application now make it possible to geolocate directly on a map where our carpool driver is located. The arrival of the application in Google Maps search results is also reminiscent of Uber’s transport service.

Ultimately, it wouldn’t be surprising if there were a real-time carpooling trip search feature available that could be recognized by drivers who have entered their route in the application and are available to pick someone up on the road.

BlaBlaCar knows it needs to find ways to engage and convince its users not to make carpooling agreements in order to schedule recurring trips outside of the application.

An insurance system and these new functions can help here. BlaBlaCar says it will always provide users we are used to boarding with just to “organize your trips with your favorite drivers in 2 clicks”.

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