Clubhouse achieves Big Bang through collaboration with the NFL

In March last year, Clubhouse saw its downloads decrease by 72% compared to February. Far from being defeated, on the contrary, the application is attempting a relaunch that we did not expect. The social network has just partnered with the National Football League (NFL), the National American Football League.

It is official! @NFL Draft Week is coming to the clubhouse.

Join the club here at

– Clubhouse (@joinClubhouse) April 25, 2021

During the week the platform will follow the draft, this very important time when franchises are recruiting talented young people. As a reminder, this system allows the lowest ranked teams to benefit from the first decisions, which ensures a certain fairness over time. Since yesterday there are several audio chat rooms in the clubhouse, in which users can follow the selection live or hear the reactions of athletes, coaches and sports experts.

The NFL and the clubhouse have everything to win in this exchange

An interaction is even planned and some internet users are encouraged to ask questions or share their views on the design. For the NFL, this agreement is a godsend in that it allows it to reach an audience that is not necessarily the usual audience. It’s also a way to get closer to fans at a time when physical distance is still okay.

The clubhouse also benefits greatly from this exchange. The NFL is indeed a very popular competition in the United States, and we can measure that excitement every year with the Super Bowl, which is talked about all over the world. This therefore strengthens the image of the platform and could ultimately give it ideas for other partnerships.

As a reminder, the social network has to face stiff competition from other web giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn or Spotify, which offer a similar audio chat option. Recently we even wondered if the clubhouse wasn’t dead. The future doesn’t seem to be written yet, however, and the question is whether audio discussions will take place in the form of a single social network or rather as a simple feature like stories.

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