Pixel 5a can be almost identical to pixel 5

In 2020, Google surprised everyone with the Pixel 5. While this model is said to be a high-end smartphone that competes with smartphones like the Galaxy S20 or the Mi 10 that use the Snapdragon 865 processor, Google has equipped a Snapdragon 765 G processor, a less powerful component for medium-range devices.

But of course we are not at the end of our surprises. While the Pixel 5a is reportedly a lower-performing, cheaper version of the Pixel 5, rumors suggest that the two models could have almost the same specs.

A few days ago we spread a rumor about Google’s next smartphone. Accordingly (based on information leaked in the Android 12 preview) the Pixel 5a would use the same processor as the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G: the Snapdragon 765 G. Thus, the new smartphone would have the same level of performance.

And of course, the Pixel 5a could have the same combination of cameras on the back as the Pixel 5. This is suggested by a new leak reported by our colleagues at The Verge. According to this website, Google recently accidentally posted a photo that was taken with the Pixel 5a.

The leak was reportedly discovered in a Google blog post about mobile photography. In this post, the company shares photos in an album, including a photo that would have been taken with the Pixel 5a.

Of course, this image has already been removed by Google. Even so, the media had time to analyze the Exif data in the file. According to The Verge, this Exif data suggests the picture was taken with a camera identical to that of the Pixel 5.

In other words, this leak suggests that not only could the Pixel 5a have the same processor as the Pixel 5, but it could also have the same camera on the back.

We might be pleasantly surprised even in the second half of the year

In any case, contrary to the suggestions of some media, the Pixel 5a will not be canceled. “The Pixel 5a 5G will not be canceled. It will be available in the US and Japan later this year and will be announced at the time the A-series phone was launched last year, “said a Google representative.

In addition, rumors are already circulating about the Pixel 6. And among them there is one that suggests that Google could equip the smartphone with a homemade processor instead of a Qualcomm processor.

For the time being, this information should be viewed with caution. However, if this is true, it would be another milestone for Google. By developing their own SoCs like Apple, Mountain View can optimize software and hardware, which could be a huge benefit.

On the other hand, rumors also suggest that Google might launch its first foldable smartphone with Samsung Display’s foldable screens this year.

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