Spotify is increasing its prices, are you concerned?

As Spotify announced a few months ago, the streaming service will increase the price of some of its subscriptions. So far, the Swedish company offers 4 packages to enjoy a premium experience. We find the “personal” formula for one person, the “Premium Duo” with access to two accounts, “Spotify Family” for the whole family with 6 accounts included in the offer and finally the “Student” offer “with a more accessible price for Students.

The lawsuit between Apple and Spotify begins on the hats of the wheels

If Spotify is only planning to increase the price of Spotify Family packages in the US, we European users will not be so lucky. Indeed, the music streaming giant is announcing a price increase for the “Student”, “Duo Premium” and “Spotify Family” packages in the European market. This price increase will take effect on April 30th.

Increase up to 3 euros

While the “Student” and “Duo Premium” plans increase by one euro, the “Spotify Family” plan increases by 3 euros! In other words, from April 30, 2021, the “Student” price will cost 5.99 euros per month, the “Duo Premium” subscription will increase to 12.99 euros per month and the “Spotify Family” package shows that Price from 17.99 euros per month.

These price changes affect not only the US and Europe, Spotify has made similar announcements for many other Asian markets, but also for South America and the UK. It’s important to state that this price hike comes at a time when Spotify recently announced a loss of 125 million euros in the final quarter of 2020. This pricing strategy should allow the company to replenish its coffers without having to worry about getting more subscribers.

For those who have already subscribed to Spotify, this price increase will be noted on their June bill. Therefore, if you do not agree with this decision by Spotify, you can unsubscribe before June.

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