The CNED is again the victim of glitches that make it impossible to access its services

Recently, the National Distance Learning Center (CNED) has been the target of numerous cyber attacks. According to investigations, these attacks appear to have originated in China and Russia. This situation made the online services offered by the CNED and in particular the “My class at home” platform inaccessible for a long time. A platform that is important when over 12 million students need to take their lessons at home.

Fortunately, the cybersecurity teams deployed to fight the attacks were reactive enough to keep the My Home Class platform and other CNED services working. At least until yesterday back to school day for millions of students. On that day, many children and teenagers resumed distance learning, as they did at the beginning of the month, but the problem was that the CNED was not there.

Bad start for the CNED

Several users have complained of numerous bugs that sometimes make services impossible to access. As a result, students and teachers could not access their courses online. However, it should be noted that since the waves of cyberattacks against the CNED, many teachers have decided to establish new habits with their students using alternative services such as Discord, WhatsApp or even Twitch. A decision that Jean-Michel Blanquer definitely does not support.

The Minister for National Education, Youth and Sport even went so far as to send an email to teachers in which we can read: “We particularly recommend holding virtual classes with“ My class at home ”, which ENT can do for others are used. “A request that is difficult to fulfill when this famous platform is out of service on the start of the school year.

The CNED quickly tweeted that everything was back to normal and that it was just a cache problem. The National Distance Learning Center therefore invites students and teachers to restart the platform after clearing the browser cache.

If you have technical problems, please contact our consultants via

– CNED (@cned) April 26, 2021

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