The Spotify player can be integrated into the Facebook news feed

In recent years, the audio format has increased. Facebook also decided to bet on these to stay relevant. A week ago, the number one social network announced a number of new audio features, such as: B. Podcasts, a clubhouse equivalent, or even soundbites (a new type of publication that lets you share short audio clips).

To complete this new “social audio” offering on Facebook, the company has also strengthened its relationship with Spotify. It should be noted that the two companies are already working together on many functions. Facebook will soon also be integrating the Spotify music and podcast player into the news feed.

In other words, thanks to this novelty, when you share a song from Spotify on Facebook, you will no longer see a URL thumbnail, but rather a music player. Thanks to this, users of the social network can listen to the shared songs without leaving the Facebook application.

Both companies win. Thanks to this music player, Facebook can hope to extend the time people spend on its social network, while Spotify can use Facebook’s newsfeed as a new recommendation engine for its users.

“” […] Spotify Premium users can discover and experience songs and episodes with full playback directly from Spotify in the Facebook app on iOS and Android. Spotify Free users can enjoy the same great shuffle experience with the accompanying Spotify ads, ”said a statement from Spotify.

“In addition to Spotify shares in the Facebook news feed, fans also have the option of playing songs via the mini-player via contributions from selected verified artists or even via videos that have been uploaded by users to Facebook and contain licensed music. Their reach is even greater, ”adds the European company.

Unfortunately, this novelty offered by Facebook and Spotify is currently only available in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Israel, Japan , Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Uruguay and the United States. Even so, Spotify says it will offer the built-in Facebook player in other countries in the coming months.

A different podcast player than Spotify on Facebook

With the Spotify player built into Facebook, users can play music, but also podcasts hosted on the streaming service. However, Facebook also intends to offer its own podcast player.

As the Verge reporting site, Facebook has already made it clear that it is also developing its own podcast player. In the blog post published a week ago, the social network had stated that this reader would arrive in a few months.

“” […] You can listen to podcasts right in the Facebook app, both through the app and in the background. And since it’s still difficult to find the podcasts you love, it’s easy to find new podcasts and episodes that match your interests, comment on them, and recommend them to your friends. And podcast creators can reach and get in touch with new listeners directly in the Facebook application, ”explained Fidji Simo, who is responsible for the Facebook application.

Currently, Facebook pages are already broadcasting a lot of podcasts. According to company data, 170 million people are connected to Facebook pages connected to podcasts. However, if you discover episodes on these pages, you will have to switch to another app.

Recall that Facebook announced the arrival of podcasts on its social network just before Apple’s Spring Loaded keynote in which the Cupertino company announced a major novelty for the Apple Podcast app.

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