According to the survey, right-wing content creators affiliated with QAnon make money with Twitch

We repeat it over and over again. The health measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic have contributed significantly to the growth of platforms such as Twitch. Amazon’s live streaming service has had a large number of new users in the past few months. Twitch was originally a platform for games, but today we find a variety of very different programs.

Twitch will ban its harassing users from the platform

While Twitch has a reputation for being easily banned for the slightest misstep by a streamer, the platform appears to be particularly lax about certain content creators. Yesterday, the New York Times published a report in which the media denounced the existence of around 20 Twitch channels broadcasting right-wing extremist ideas and conspiracy theories. In addition, these creators seem to be well-known as most of them have already been banned from major social networks for supporting QAnon or for publicly voicing conspiratorial ideas regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Twitch believes the NYT is creating sensationalism

The New York Times has also reportedly visited lives where streamers continue to support Donald Trump by declaring with certainty that he won the last presidential election. According to the New York Times report, however, the fact that these channels generate revenue through donations and viewer subscriptions is particularly problematic.

Following the release of this report, a Twitch spokesperson described the American media investigation as “sensational.” The latter adds: ‚ÄúThis report has omitted the detailed information we provided, which outlines our trust and security policies and our approach to these important challenges. The reader believes that this is a problem that we have not solved and that is much bigger than what is wrong. The spokesman concluded that the New York Times discovered the existence of “a few dozen accounts that appear to be linked to far-right movements,” and the article suggests that they are a majority of “7 million people trades that stream on Twitch every month. “

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By: Twitch Interactive, Inc.

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