Betting on Google’s future always costs more money

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has just released its first quarter results. While Mountain View’s growth slowed somewhat over the past year, it is returning to stratospheric levels. The company posted sales of $ 55.3 billion in those three months, an increase of 34% over the same period in 2020. Net income reached $ 17.9 billion in a single small quarter, enough for the future see serenity.

Satisfaction with YouTube and cloud services

Alphabet President Sundar Pichai confirms this euphoria:

Last year, people turned to the Google search engine and many online services to stay informed, connected, and entertained. We have continued to focus on providing trusted services in support of the people on the planet. Our cloud companies help companies large and small to accelerate their digital transformations. Total revenue of $ 55.3 billion in the first quarter reflects strong online consumer activity and widespread growth in advertising revenue.

Among the reasons for satisfaction, we find YouTube, whose advertising revenue was $ 6 billion compared to $ 4.03 a year ago. The cloud is also pulling the tech giant with sales of $ 4.05 billion (previous year: 2.78).

Still show a few clouds on the horizon. The group continues to lose money from bets from Google like Verily, its biotechnology, or even fiber, its global fiber optic network. The two companies are running a deficit of $ 1.15 billion compared to $ 1.12 billion in the first quarter of 2020.

It is not always easy for ordinary people to navigate through these astronomical figures. So, based on the results for the third quarter of 2020, we’ve made an analysis of what the big tech companies are making … every second. With $ 46 billion in revenue, Google pocketed $ 5,809. And certainly more since reading this article.

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