Facebook and Instagram are considering solutions to reward content creators

As we know, monetizing your audience on Instagram is pretty easy today. However, Facebook just announced that its teams are working on a new tool that could help content creators make even more money. The Facebook group also mentioned the future existence of a platform to facilitate the exchange between influencers and brands.

Today, when an influencer is promoting a product on Instagram, they can include a link in the description or in their story so that the consumer can go to a third-party website to buy the product in question. Mark Zuckerberg and his teams should consider setting up an integrated Instagram marketplace to prevent consumers from leaving the platform to view a featured product.

Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri think about different solutions

On the other hand, during a live conversation with Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg confides: “We believe that a bigger developer economy can emerge if we help developers make more money from their content.” It should be understood in this statement that Facebook is currently looking for a solution that will allow smaller developers to show up more easily by touching money directly through their content.

A good example of a platform that has managed to give their developers back the change of their coin is Twitch. The system of donations and subscriptions set up on Twitch allows developers to generate more or less income depending on the target audience. Recently Clubhouse decided to set up a donation system on its platform. Why not Instagram The platform already has a system for creating prize pools for an association of your choice.

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