Microsoft teams on track to catch up with Zoom?

Microsoft has just presented a very good quarterly result. With sales of $ 41.7 billion, up 19% year over year, the tech giant is very excited. Especially since profits are $ 15.5 billion, an increase of 44% over 2020.

In detail, cloud services as well as the good results of its flagship products Xbox and Windows have benefited the Redmond company. The Productivity and Business Processes division, which includes Office, is also doing well. Other nuggets in this business area are Microsoft teams.

A difficult comparison with the competition

The collaborative platform now has 145 million daily active users. An increase of 26% from the last announcement in October 2020: 115 million. So since the pandemic began, the progress made by this tool has been overwhelming, as there were only 32 million at the beginning of 2020.

This very impressive surge in power came with some inconvenience. The service went down several times over the past year and several connection problems were encountered.

However, comparing it to the competition remains rather dangerous in that we have relatively little information. Slack communicated with a record 12.5 million simultaneous users in March 2020 and has not mentioned its audience since then.

For its part, the Zoom video conferencing tool announced that 300 million people were attending meetings every day in 2020. This categorization is different from that used by Microsoft and the data are therefore not really comparable. The increase is impressive nonetheless, as it was only 10 million in December 2019. After all, Google Meet was asking for 100 million in 2020.

As a reminder, Microsoft Teams has recently been full of new features, including the introduction of end-to-end call encryption. The reaction system has also been revised during meetings and participants can now react as if they were during a live event on social networks.

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