New Pokémon Snap review on Nintendo Switch: a must-have photo safari?

On April 30th, a new exclusive product will be released on Nintendo Switch: New Pokémon Snap. It is obviously the “continuation” of the opus that was published on Nintendo 64 at the end of the last century and in which the player is invited to a photo safari via Lentis. The goal ? Photograph the Pokémon in their natural space.

New Pokémon Snap at the best price

New Pokémon Snap test, the beautiful Nintendo Switch excluded?

There’s been (just over) 20 years in which Nintendo has allowed photography and Pokémon lovers to combine their two passions with Pokémon Snap on Nintendo 64. A game whose concept was far from a “classic Pokémon” since the goal of Pokémon Snap, the player should then immerse themselves in the heart of a photo safari on Pokémon Island, on board a vehicle whose route is predefined and in which it is is about photographing the Pokémon. A kind of rail shooter where the only weapon is a camera.

With New Pokémon Snap, Nintendo would like to offer the same principle again, this time for owners of a Nintendo Switch. Not a good or bad surprise, because after choosing your character, we will immediately receive a camera to accompany us throughout the adventure. In fact, this will be about getting into the Neo-One, which is an autonomous vehicle, and making sure the most beautiful photos of the Pokémon in the area are captured, as the film is limited to 70 shots per excursion.

As in the original work, the end of each “run” is about choosing the best shot for each type of Pokémon. From then on, Professor Mirror will assign a score to each photo based on various criteria, such as: B. the posture of the photographed Pokémon, its size in the photo, the appearance of other Pokémon in the frame … The whole thing is quickly and necessarily repetitive, but we still enjoy getting THE ideal photo.

Of course, you can share your most beautiful pictures online to show the whole world this cute Aquali enjoying an apple that you just immortalized.

A photo safari … pretty fun in the end

Of course, as the game progresses, we’ll unlock new skills, locations, and functions that make it possible to make certain Pokémon react (by throwing an apple, for example) and thus take better photos or meet Sparkling Pokémon. In the course of the game the player expands his Photodex, a photo album in which all photos taken since the beginning of the adventure are listed.

Of course we will gradually open up new places, with the desert, the beach, the forest … with the possibility of crossing each place day and night. Depending on the skills of the player, we move up in “levels”, which means that you can always find new Pokémon in order to constantly improve your score. Nintendo announces more than 200 species of Pokémon to be immortalized in photos and says there is something to be done.

Graphically, New Pokémon Snap isn’t a technological showcase for the Nintendo Switch. The whole thing is pleasant for Peeper, but there is some aliasing, not to mention a rather presented snippet at times. The modeling of Pokémon is very accurate and we easily spot their favorite animals, but we shouldn’t expect a deluge of special effects here … and after all, this isn’t exactly what players are expecting. This new Pokémon snapshot.

Our opinion on New Pokémon Snap

In absolute terms, the concept of this new Pokémon Snapshot is childishly simple, so one can (rightly) wonder how much fun it can be to take virtual photos of Pokémon. However, this little photo safari manages to keep the player in suspense for a good ten hours for a good ten hours thanks to a very pleasant atmosphere, but also a very intelligent design, always with this little novelty, this new area, this new object that is always coming Time to encourage the player to restart a small session (or two). We understand that there is nothing transcendent or frankly exciting either, but the game is still more interesting than the “photo safari” page described on the cover suggests. To be reserved for those who love Pokémon.

New Pokémon Snap

We love

The concept, well worked out. Lots of surprises. Lots of Pokémon to photograph

We like less

We take photos … and that’s not really “nice” clipping … A little (too) frequent loading

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